Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am always looking for innovative ways in which companies are introducing their products or services to their targeted customers, particularly when this involves the use of digital media.
Experiential and direct marketing is key to most marketing efforts these days, particularly when among those born after 1962 (Gen X and Gen Y), also when it involves the marketing of a technology or electronics product.
I love the direct, humorous, and forgive me for saying, cheeky approach of this website and it's use of fruits and vegetables to represent human body parts. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My blog goal is to give my audience information about marketing and advertising, though some of my prior blogs were related to my country INDIA . It was just to give some information on my country's culture and business.

My blogs on marketing and advertising will help my audience to gain knowledge about latest trends in marketing and advertising. My target audience is the people who loves big brands like APPLE, NIKE, ADIDAS, BMW etc. Also people who are into marketing and love creative advertising.

I would also like to continue blogging beyond the class and keep posting latest and creative blogs on marketing and advertising to spread the knowledge and involve and encourage them to be a part of my BLOGS.

An Apple A Day ... Makes the Marketing Pay

Ok, so I am Apple fan, but not just of their products and customer service. I love their marketing! True Apple lovers also love the spirit and characteristics of other brands including BMW/Mini, Smart, among others.
Of course the iPod is now linked and promoted through a number of automotive brands, included among them BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, and even Ford! The reason I note the Ford promotion is that they are partnered with Microsoft's Sync on board computer and entertainment system and yet in their advertising, even they use iPod and not Zune.
Look out, maybe next Mini Clubman's will feature mobile Mac labs and Dj's!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


In years past marketing has focused almost exclusively on demographics, meaning age, income , gender. While these are still valuable and in fact necessary for marketing, more and more marketing agencies are starting put an emphasis on psycho-graphics.

Pyscho-graphics instead of focusing on qauntitative truths, deal with peoples propensities or inclinations toward certain products and product types. For example take two computer manufacturing companies, Apple and HP. A quick look at demographics might imply that the markets for each are similar and as such should be marketed in the same way. However a closer look into the two markets will reveal distinct differences between the two.

Apple customers are usually among the most tech savvy. Not only do they have their laptop computers but they most likely have an iPod that they sinc to their Apple Laptops.

Psychographic data can be hugely important in figuring out what people will be buying in the future because it takes the demographic truths and asks the all important question; Why? Why do Apple customers buy Apple and not HP? What will they buy next?

Demographics are an important foundation to any marketing plan. But they are not the end. Psychoraphics interpret the data and take it a step further.

What do you think what will be the future to market the product, new innovative ideas always drive the market. Please post your thoughts, your comments are alway's welcomed.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Titanic Clash Between Nike And Adidas

They have been in a battle for the hearts, minds, feet and wallets of consumers for nearly 40 years now. This new consumer powered battle has been taken to markets around the globe, and no where now is it more pronounced that in 2008 Olympic Beijing.

The real showdown at the Olympics this year comes down to two main competitors: Nike vs. Adidas. Athletes competing at this summer's Olympics are fighting for a trip to the medal stand. For Nike and Adidas, the Beijing games are a brawl for 21st century dominance of the sneaker world.
While every Olympics is a dogfight for the longtime rivals, this year's games are a bigger deal. Beijing's the doorway into a vast new market. There are 2.6 billion feet in China, most of them without sneakers. Both companies expect the country to be its second-largest market, after the U.S., within a few years. "It's the ultimate land grab".
For Adidas it's especially important. After an ill-fated 2005 deal for Reebok failed to juice Adidas' results, the three stripes finds itself increasingly marginalized by the swoosh. Adidas sees this summer's Beijing Olympics as a way to make up ground....
But while referees and staff will be running around Beijing in their Adidas, the bulk of the athletes getting attention will be competing in their Nike gear--and getting most of the air time, both live during the games and in all the follow-up photos and video to be viewed for years to come.
A high jumper will have a Nike shirt on while jumping, then an Adidas shirt when receiving a medal on the stand. Which would you rather have?"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Best taste always, It's now (Shaved Ice)

What to eat on a hot day: sweet red beans with shaved ice
What’s in there: shaved ice, condensed milk, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cocktail fruit mix, and sweet red beans. Then repeat. And top with delicious candied jelly pieces.

But the ingredient of that is up to restaurants. Toppings could be different depending on where you go.

One thing for sure is the ingredients stated above is basic.

How to eat it: gobble it up and try not to spill onto lap while driving.
One more tip is if your style of eating ice-cream is "licking" you have to stir up all of the ingredients in it.
And, second type is if your style of eating ice-cream is "biting" you just scoop it.

If you get too big bite Its gonna freeze your stomach ha ha ha

"Namaste America" .. A greeting from incredible India


When we greet one another we fold our hands & "Namaste" because we believe that God resides in the heart of every human being.
This report is my attempt to give u just a glimpse of what India is.
We come from a nation where we allow a Lady of Catholic origin to step aside for a Sikh to be sworn in as a Prime Minister by a Muslim President to govern a nation of over 80% Hindus. Which means that it is a multicultural and multi religions country i:e Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and many more.
Colors and Cultures
When i hear or think about my country the VERY first thing that comes to my mind is Colors and Festivals. It is a country which has a number of festivals in all sorts of fun and frolics. A place where people come on a spiritual journey and to discover themselves. I say spiritual because it is a country that has lots of Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurdwarahs (where sikhs worships). Visit them in early mornings to hear the calm and serene music. You will lose yourself the purity of the atmosphere. We start our day with a prayer. Visit India in the months of October and November, you will find the best climate and lots and lots of festivals to keep you on your toes.
Food & Cusines
As a land that has experienced extensive immigration and intermingling through many millenia, India has benefited from numerous food influences. In india almost 30 % of the population is Vegetarian ( no meats at all). Cuisines, flavors change if you go down from North to South or from East to West. You can have a South indian dish in North, East or West as tastes and flavors cross over geographically.
Try Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, or a Tradional North India.
What you should not miss at all?
Below mentioned are just a few places out of many:
North : Agra for Taj Mahal, Delhi for Red fort, Lotus Temple and Metropolitan Experiences
South : Natural Beauty of Kerela waters, Temples of Tirupati, Mumbai for Bollywood industry & Fashion street
West : Rajstathan for its ever green Forts, deserts and rich folk cuture, Goa for its colorful beaches and natural beauty.
India Today
A country where there are 5600 newspapers, 3500 magazines in over 21 different languages with a combined readership of 120 million. It is a 3rd largest in the world of Doctors, Engineers and Scientists. Some top level execs of big Software Companies are Indian. Vinod Khosla cofounder of Sun Microsystems, Sabeer Bhatia founder & creator of Hotmail and so many more.

"Atithi devo bhav" : Our guests are equivalent to God for us.